Sunday, January 4, 2009


I am so excited to share this, I was reading yesterday in God's Word..Judges 6:36-39 how Gideon sought an answer from God by laying down a fleece of wool. .all these prophets say, God told them they are a prophet, I am thinking , hey ;wait a minute, God has always told me things to come & shown me things and given me words to speak & they came about; How come He never said that to me?.(God is saying in my spirit,Joanne, you have always known in your spirit,My Calling on your life,that you are My Mouth just were not taught about it & how to use it!!!!........... **************************************************************************************So I prayed to God, told Him that, and asked Him, if I lay a cloth outside, will you answer me, as to whether or not I am a prophet or mouth piece of yours to serve you all the days of my life?we had no rain or snow in the forecast at all, and low I said to God, if the entire patio is dry, then the cloth will be wet (for yes)or if the patio is wet the cloth will be dry (if yes) or if the cloth is the same as the patio, the answer is no.......God did one even better then the actual fleece!!!*************************************************************Well, in a night vision..there appeared a large puddle, and a big sponge laying next to it, edge touching the water....I picked up the sponge, it was bone dry!!!the top was deep deep red!!I held it up to God with a huge smile & was thankful for the answer(I can still see the big smile on my face & me waving the sponge up to my God).(yes)He said, the deep red is that the gift is sanctified by His Blood, and I am under His Grace!!!thank you God, I love you & love sharing with everyone how God answers !!!!***********************************************************************************So, 6:30 am, I turned on the patio light..went out to get the cloth....well, the front of the patio was dark,from being wet(there had been no rain at all)or snow...back by the cloth were patches of wet!!! appeared as though someone had taken a paint brush & splattered water around ; I picked up the cloth & it was bone dry!!!(yes)!!!!Thank you most Holy God, I tell you it is awesome, God never leaves us or forsakes us.........******************************************************************************I think the night vision was more precious,because that is how God deals with me, correcting,teaching,showing to me what is to come...where I get the deepest understanding of all things of God. I want to add, what an awesome feeling to know I am exactly where I belong in God , yes.....amen,and happy to finally know from God, oh Praise Him!! ********************************************************************************this is shared ( for my brothers & sisters in Christ)and anyone else who questions what God will have them to do ,as a testimony, not tooting my horn, just excited * & have the need to share that about all of my blogs,*************************************************************** **********************************************************************************God uses me in this way, by reaching the world thru Blogs, kind of like prophesying...He puts it in my heart what He wants to say & He leads me to do each you read my blogs, you will know, in no way can anyone have all of this common knowledge, you will see, it indeed is the hand of God Through me to you !!! What I want most to apply to this short Blog, is ;if you seek an answer from God,( you do belong to Him, thru Christ Jesus,are sealed by His Spirit unto the day of your redmption eph.1:13,14,and are cleansed in His Soul cleansing Blood Heb.9:11-15)you can ask Him anything you so desire & He will answer you, as long as it is from your heart to His ,amen!! Many of God's chosen servants question their calling, their spiritual gift,you know; it is my experience that I don't always hear God about myself....I do know, if I am upset & crying..He talks outloud to me.....if I am doing something that does not have a favorable outcome for me...He will talk outloud to me....Just be in prayer, in His Word,always seeking a closer walk with Him.......and you will soon see, He is there for you & He never leaves us or forsakes us.........
Becoming a servant of the Lord, is must yield 100% unto the Lord,seeking Him with all of your heart soul & mind........Prophets are molded & purged & taken through many fires ,trials & tribulations,afflictions.sorrows, God removes all of our friends away from us,(see,God separates us from the world unto Himself.
************************God prepares His Prophets **********************************************************************************
..He takes us through the wilderness for a very long period of time. God uses us and suddenly, He just puts us on a shelf & ignores us...why? He wants to see or test our hearts.........will we pull away from him? say ,well , I just am not a prophet, God has not chosen me ;or will we seek after Him?
There will be times.....He will hide from us........where we just don't see Him anymore, we don't hear Him like we use to anymore........we do not feel His presence like more night visions,no dreams, why? he is testing our hearts.......what do we really want? Do we really love Him & truly want to serve Him? Will you pull back & leave?Quit? or press into seeking God?
Jesus did say, He cannot use the one who puts their hand to the plow & turnes back or looks back.........we are not worthy to follow Him .......Jesus did test His deciples......Jesus did say, let the dead(sinners) bury their dead(sinners) for His follower to not even say good bye to his family (we cannot love family more then Him)
*****************God Tests us******************************************************
You know because God tests us so much all the time,takes us through so many fires (refining us, like gold unto Him)purging us,breaking us,He causes our spirits to be supersensitive to His Spirit we hear Him clearly.....after all the work of God forming His prophets.......********************************(He warns not to touch His anointed,and to do His prophets no harm (psalm105:15) lest He smite you immediately & death befall you 1Sam.26:9-11.......then look at the story in Kings....the young people called the prophet names & the bear mauled them to death..........
***************************Serious calling ********************************************************************************
Lastly , it is a very serious calling & a lot of work from God goes into His Mouth pieces...........see, you cannot serve self,man & God have to be a 100% yielded vessel unto God empty vessel, so He can abide in you & use we have separated from the world of sin & nomore old friends....separate ye from the world , lest ye become like the world.........So, God knows our hearts & only our hearts....we cannot fool God!!!
If you love Him and He has chosen in & lean on God not self, if you need to talk to me about this Blog or any of my other blogs, feel free to contact me
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